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Reduce Your Student Loan Debt During the Grace Period

Leverage the 6 month grace period post graduation with Reducify

Work with an Accountability Partner to Accelerate Student Debt Payoff

Utilize Reducify's accountability platform to increase your student loan payoff odds of up to 95% 

How Reducify Works

Step 1:

Create User Profile & Select Student Loan Payoff Goals

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Step 2:


Match with Accountability Partner & Gain Access to Financial Literacy News Hub

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Step 3:


​Begin Making Payments to Reduce Student Loan Balance by Leveraging Grace Period

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Reducify Is an Accountability Platform to Reduce Student Loan Debt during the 6 Month Grace Period

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Black Student Loan Borrowers Are Deep in Debt Crisis

86% of Black Students Take Out Federal Student Loans

Only 1 in 10 Black Borrowers With Student Loan Debt Have Paid Off Their Loans by Age 40

Student Loan Debt Exacerbates the Wealth Gap for Black Borrowers

Black Borrowers Still Owe 95% of Their Student Loan Payments After 20 Years

Our Community

Empowering Black Student Loan Borrowers with Innovative Repayment Solution

The Crippling Black Student Loan Crisis


While student loan debt affects many college students, African Americans are disproportionately impacted. Research shows 86.6% of Black college students take out federal loans to attend four-year colleges, compared to just 59.9% of white students. A Black graduate from a four-year college has on average, $7,400 more in student debt. Black students are also more likely to default on their loans than their white peers.

Plan For The Future, Start Reducing Your Student Loans


Our solution aims to eradicate the stark disparities in student loan debt within the historically marginalized population.


Reducify is bringing Black student loan borrowers at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) a revolutionary app that will change the way they pay their student loans. The app creates accountability partnerships to accelerate student loan debt payoff by leveraging the 6 month grace period.

About Us

Our Journey

At Reducify, we are driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence. Our journey is fueled by the vision of problem solving and creating meaningful and impactful solutions.

Asha Farrah, Reducify Co-founder found herself impacted by the crippling student loan crisis. As an HBCU alumni, she was faced with the daunting reality of substantial student loan debt nearing $100k. She became resolute in finding a solution to not only alleviate her own burden but also to assist others grappling with a similar challenge. 

In 2018, Asha developed Reducify's student loan acceleration method. Asha and Romy, Reducify's co-founder worked together as accountability partners to address their student loan debt. Working together, they set student loan goals and establisted timeframes that held them accountable. They successfully paid of $130,000 of student loan debt in 2.5 years beating the average payback time of 20-40 years.

Meet Reducify Co-founders

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Asha Farrah

Asha Farrah: CEO & Cofounder

Asha is the mastermind behind Reducify' s student loan acceleration method. She is a proud graduate of Howard University with a Bachelors of Science. Asha possesses the skill to collect and analyze data, honed through her scientific training. Her invaluable contribution of critical thinking and problem-solving skills has positioned Reducify as an innovative solution to the student loan crisis.

Romy Pickron, CFP®️

Romy Pickron, CFP®️: Cofounder


As a Certified Financial Planner professional, Romy boasts over a decade of wealth management expertise, bringing a robust understanding of financial strategies to the table. Since then, she has dedicated her efforts to supporting underserved populations, actively participating in panel discussions, and mentoring youth on financial literacy.

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